Quickly improve your baby’s sales keywords set skills

do Taobao through train, set the word is the most important part of the baby to set the key words will also affect the quality of the baby’s promotion effect.

1 to stand in the user’s point of view

first, determine the core keywords baby, and then focus on the core keywords permutation and combination of key phrases or sentences. Core keywords is the use of the baby, such as products, service names, industry positioning, as well as the name of the enterprise or brand name, etc.. To stand in the customer’s point of view to consider key words. Potential customers in the search for your product will use what keywords? As an ordinary buyer trying to search on Taobao, you will find.

2 using search tips

Taobao search a lot of words, Taobao search box will automatically give search tips. These search tips are the largest search terms, directly affecting the buyer’s search habits. We must make full use of the search tips given by these search tips.


3 commodity name and attribute word

from the first baby in the name of refined words as a baby for word. Baby in the details of the property is the word we edit the baby when the information to carry out the key information, but also very concerned about the buyer. Finally, don’t forget the combination words in the name and attribute words. These words are relatively accurate, buyers desire to buy is also very strong.

Don’t ignore the category

4 bid

The category of

bid can obtain relatively large flow, and the word is generally lower than the bid categories set separately for word. You can set a bid based on your bid price. But can not be set too low can not be set too high, too low, then it is difficult for buyers to click on your baby, if too high, then you will be out of your budget.

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