Clothing enterprises from the loss of Lining information management is the key


recently, Fujian shoes industry bosses run away, on the news, including many well-known clothing enterprises. Plus Baleno parent company texwinca China in mainland market, the number of stores closed up 388, Lining loss in the first half of 586 million… It makes the domestic garment enterprises increased pressure. As the indispensable residents clothing items, can be said that the clothing is a rigid demand person, which belongs to the "winner" industry. So for clothing enterprises, as long as the market demand has been there, it will bring benefits.

clothing industry a collapse, running, loss of news, electricity providers to seize the market is considered to be the main reason. "The Internet thinking" can really save the domestic garment industry? This is not necessarily! For example: clothing industry vertical electric business website on July 2011 officially launched NOP, its flagship product brand men NOP, the past two years, NOP has been showing a shrinking operating status. Data show that in 2013 the annual sales of Tmall NOP platform is only 2 million 500 thousand yuan.

in fact, in these people’s clothing business, most of which are involved in the problem of financial arrears. Capital chain rupture, is also a direct cause of crushed enterprises.

Today, the

sales sales, the sales, the purchase cost is… Earn or lose? This time enterprises need a tracking and record shop in any amount of goods or capital transfer Invoicing management software. The use of information technology to manage clothing stores, enhance corporate profits imperative.


clothing enterprise Invoicing software only needs the user to input the original documents, automatically generated by the system of a set of accounting affairs thereafter, including automatic generation invoicing and inventory account ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounts and other value-added tax, a large number of contract bookkeeping invoicing and business enterprise the.

fund flow, the key to financial statistics, the cat into the sale of software by the high-tech software development company Jia Chi software development, known as the history of the most simple new generation Invoicing management software". The software has a single receiving, payment, business revenue and expenditure management and salary management, the payment; boss center, purchase statistics, sales statistics, inventory statistics, financial statistics, accounts payable, membership statistics function, easy to use, has become the market selling brand for four consecutive years.


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