The new challenge mode – Taobao store experience sharing

December 12, 2012 is twelve date approaching, many businesses are already preparing for the twelve online shopping feast. As in previous years, the main businesses in twelve are mainly small and medium-sized sellers. But this year’s event has a lot of different places. There is news that Taobao will change the past twelve to big sellers and big promotion mode to buyers interaction, buyers and sellers interact as the main body, the official C2B test, found the good stuff, according to the order amount to the seller in the form of collective bargaining. In response to such changes, it is important to do interactive consumption. The interactive nature of the network has been reflected in many aspects, I believe this will be reflected in the increasingly obvious e-commerce.

since it is interactive, it means that not one side of the final say, the interaction can make the emotional warming, interaction can increase interest. The twelve interactive activities to increase this link, increase between sellers and buyers, buyers and buyers exchange, make the whole process of online shopping and offline shopping is that we can communicate with each other, exchange ideas, make the online shopping process full of fun. Experienced business advice, do two shops still have to rely on old customer pull. Temporary grab new users are not very reliable, there is no customer base would like to have a big breakthrough unlikely."

The mode of the twelve

mimic group purchase activities, buyers can according to the order quantity to the seller specific bargaining. We can send in their own collection, seeking concessions, seeking power. Such promotions are very user-friendly for both buyers and sellers, buyers can enjoy the game fun, sellers can also achieve puerile, the price of goods more good grasp. This change is to increase the interactive process of online shopping. More and more highlights the popularity of online shopping, so that people will not have the last double eleven that sense of fatigue. Therefore, the increase of interactivity, more humane, is what we need to do. Here to share some experience:

first, increase the interactive link

requires users to comment, and then throw these questions to the user, allowing users to talk about the experience of the goods, etc.. To promote the user to think about the problem, the user will be thinking about the issue of valuable comments. Therefore, to guide the comments on the need to design comments, like hunters hunting, like to catch prey, the first set of good.

second, comments can be obtained after the store offers incentives (points).

is a special reward driven by the rise in orders for users, "a discount, I will put this discount off, otherwise I don’t lose is pull" this attitude is very common, but the premise of incentives is to allow users to pay, orders can improve this website, because number of comments can not be restricted, so often companies will not lose money, how many earn most, so do not throw money; this form of Taobao has already done a lot of business.

third, the squad to help the promotion of

shopping spree.

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