Through the comprehensive analysis of the domestic electricity supplier industry day comes

a few days ago a disciple asked me how to analyze competitor SEO, I like him a list of some consideration, after Qiazhiyisuan it immediately to the singles, undoubtedly, singles has been the domestic electricity supplier industry heavy launch very good promotional opportunities now. Major electricity suppliers are eager for a fight, actively preparing for the mobile phone yesterday received a charge of Alipay Taobao mall promotions, Taobao mall in last year’s double 11 day to 3 billion 360 million yuan turnover, regardless of the vertical integrated electricity supplier electricity supplier or who are not wrong about this opportunity, in addition to this year’s domestic electricity supplier the industry ups and downs, some time ago the red child was acquired by Suning, and to the domestic electricity supplier industry has injected a stimulant, the electricity supplier in the field of industry consolidation also opened the curtain. My spare time is very focused on the development of electricity supplier, is now a summary of some of the data analysis elements to see the pros and cons of the development of the domestic electricity supplier industry B2C.


data analysis from the following aspects to test: SEO situation, the site user experience, the overall operation, the other case, to a comprehensive analysis of

1 SEO:

includes: flow, Alex ranking, keyword ranking, weight, age, PR, domain name search engine included the chain number, Baidu index, large website advertising, network alliance cooperation, a comprehensive analysis of the situation. Compared to other aspects of SEO are relatively clear, you can see through the webmaster tools, can be first to a general evaluation judgment by SEO.

2 website user experience

includes: whether FAQ, website open speed, website structure is clear, online customer service call 24 hours, payment is safe and simple steps (whether diversification payment payment steps to try to control within step 3), content analysis, variety and quality of goods, picture is clear color, unique advantages and creative website mall and the evaluation system, feedback message.

3 overall operation

this is the more important, an electricity supplier industry development depends on the difference of overall operation situation is different from one of the largest, is also one of the most deadly, the following factors may not be reflected directly on the site, but a comprehensive search, and some data will be clear. Including: whether the cable under the store and is ready to open the store offline thoughts, operations team formation and leadership is awesome, technical team support, membership number, commodity prices and logistics / warehousing / distribution is timely and orderly, the user order conversion rate, conversion rate, customer service, service delivery costs.


4 other conditions

include: company location, size of the company, risk financing

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