Group DC statement on malicious attacks

recently, as the first stop of the Chinese host group IDC ( occasionally inaccessible state, a lot of people involved in the purchase of deep concern. It is understood that this is caused by DDOS attacks, mission IDC operations without any changes and problems, we can rest assured. According to the group IDC person in charge since November 13th the web server was repeatedly malicious attacks, although it has been continuously improve the configuration of the firewall and safety measures taken, successfully resist most attacks, but there are still several attacks caused by the network and server failures, which occasionally appear unable to access the website. He said: "the group of IDC and the webmaster of malicious attacks detest, we are very sorry for the accident of all users and partners of the inconvenience, will increase the key equipment investment to improve the situation, continue to provide first-class group purchase experience for the majority of owners and partners, towards the first brand owners group purchase and emphasize the field of "" IDC called on everyone to stay away from the Internet non normal behavior, build a harmonious environment of electronic commerce qingping."

information from the public was informed that on August 15th the regiment IDC, due to the first weekly group purchase mode, become the de facto standard IDC group purchase, and the successful organization of Western Digital VPS half off group purchase, ChinaNetCenter five-star room hosting group purchase, madman station system and other high-quality group purchase group purchase activities, to the webmaster of the Blitz, in 7 days the unconditional return, 100% refund commitment group purchase safeguard measures and won the overwhelming majority of the owners and the trust of the partners, launched 3 months, has successfully organized more than 60 times, including the domain name space, group purchase, VPS, hosting, hosting, station group software, SEO tools, promotion tools, and has registered webmaster friends group purchase orders are already more than 5000, more than 100 business cooperation. To attack the problem, IDC group responsible person said helpless and angry, lamented the website operation environment is bad, but that will not be intimidated by this behavior, will increase investment and continue to improve in the website management, with the fact that the majority of users IDC reliable and excellent, with their better response to the attacker.

is as follows: group IDC statement:

dear general group and partners, IDC group recently suffered multiple DDOS attacks, resulting in occasional site service, sorry for the inconvenience. For the webmaster group purchase group, open and buy any questions please feel free to contact [email protected] customer service MM as soon as possible for you to solve. For the majority of partners, any questions please feel free to contact [email protected], the head will be at your service. Group IDC engineers are optimizing the system, upgrading equipment, as soon as possible to fundamentally solve such problems. And mission IDC enterprise QQ service system and the 400 phone system will also start this week to open up and broaden your communication channels. In this group, IDC to hide in dark corners with unprovoked attack Wochuo who declared: IDC not because of malicious destruction and allow you.

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