Service should be the basis for the future development of B2C E-commerce



is a detailed introduction to the B2C shopping platform 2011 annual market share last year, the overall e-commerce sales for the first time more than six trillion yuan, and this is not only to the whole sales market share of four percent! Compared to foreign e-commerce market more than eight percent of the ratio, less than half abroad, and with the e-commerce has become more and more the more accepted by consumers, many experts estimate, in 2012, e-commerce market share will be more than eight trillion yuan! The market is so large, naturally attracted numerous B2C e-commerce platform to fight their own future!

but I have found that although the B2C shopping platform, but personalized service, and not a very good experience, if we put a lot of large shopping website page section a below, and then put the LOGO URL, removed, and then put these sites and in a row, we can find these "almost completely the same, B2C site visible now, is to take more copying of the road, there is no innovation, for the development of B2C e-commerce, will cast a shadow over


by the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion that even now the e-commerce is still on the upgrade stage, but if you don’t make the characteristics of the business, it may affect the development of the electronic commerce will, and the characteristics of the operation, service first is to go the road, if a E-commerce shopping platform, not the spirit of customer service is God’s mind, it is very difficult to succeed, don’t think that site is bigger, the future of the site must be very successful, you know that the success of large sites only a few, and the characteristics of the e-commerce platform, to produce the effect of All flowers bloom together. so how to do!


A: the introduction of goods must be reflected in the details of the service to

many large shopping platform why profit yet those specializing in selling single product shopping sites, many people may say to sell a single product shopping website product profits are high, this is just a pretext, for the B2C electronic commerce comprehensive, you can also sell a lot of high profit products, but why can sell but single page website? Why or in the service experience! Such as those of single product sales site, is a very fine description of the product, from the security signs, to use the method, from the effects of the attention points are detailed, and the pictures are very clear, coupled with their consumers. These details are many large B2C site or mall do not have, but these details, it is reflected on the details of the user service! Not only the price competition on the


two: Launch theme activities, to guide

In fact,

through the activities of marketing, is also a manifestation of a service, which allows users to understand their own website and website products more! For example users visit the site, in fact.

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