The rural credit cooperatives financial Jingdong to snatch Ali can’t sleep.

text / spa correspondent Feng Wei

"now, every day I can not sleep, this is the thing." Enter the system of rural credit cooperatives in the past ten years, now deputy director of Sanjiang the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region County Rural Credit Cooperatives in Liuzhou City, Liang Subin really felt from the Jingdong Ali and other electricity providers giant challenge.

some time ago, Lin Xiang Mei Sanjiang several large plantations from ants by chanting a loan, these large is Sanjiang County Rural Credit Cooperative Union customers. Liang Subin himself took the door, as a few large computation cost of loans, the calculation results show that, the need to pay interest on loans is 2 times the Sanjiang County Rural Credit Cooperatives, the customers "grab" back.

however, the transfer of Sanjiang County Rural Credit Cooperatives tense. Every day I have to pay attention to them (referring to Ali, Jingdong and other electricity providers) dynamic." Liang Subin told NetEase science and technology, next week, we want to take the rural credit cooperatives leadership to grassroots research, determine our response plan."

feel the challenge more than Sanjiang County Rural Credit cooperatives. The main force of China’s rural finance, is located in the country’s nearly 8 Rural Credit Cooperatives, rural commercial banks, rural cooperative banks, rural banks and other rural small and medium financial institutions outlets. Now, this system is taking action to deal with the challenges brought by the electricity supplier giant.

rural electricity supplier, is the first step.

"must act"

is led by the Agricultural Bank of credit funds clearing center (hereinafter referred to as the "Agricultural Bank of China"). The center was founded in 2006, the national rural small and medium financial institutions (including rural credit cooperatives, rural cooperative banks, rural commercial banks, rural banks, the same below) of the system transfer of funds through nongxinyin payment and settlement system.

led by the construction of the Agricultural Bank of China letter center service system of national agricultural credit system electricity supplier platform, originally from the grassroots. As early as 2013, there is a precedent for the establishment of local agricultural cooperatives electricity supplier platform. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Rural Credit Cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as the "Guangxi District Association") is one of the first to propose the construction of a unified business platform of national agricultural information system to nongxinyin center. Responsible person told the NetEase of Guangxi District Science and Technology Association of electronic banking department, the construction of electronic business platform to invest capital and technology, by the Guangxi district association do large investment, long cycle, and lack of experience, but the nongxinyin center has a good foundation. Nongxinyin Center launched in 2009 nongxinyin sharing Internet banking platform, launched in 2011 nongxinyin sharing mobile phone banking platform, more than and 10 provincial agricultural agencies are involved, so the Guangxi District Association of rural electricity providers can also hope by nongxinyin center to lead the construction, so that the agricultural institutions Baotuan bigger, faster.

, a staff member of the rural credit system to NetEase science and technology memories, when the electricity supplier giant has felt a huge threat. In July 2014, Ali convened 176 provinces and cities in the country, the Secretary of the county, the county magistrate, held a "county" 26