The newspaper and the joint survey of 60% respondents no longer trust Chechan website


days before forced to cancel the order of events, combined with social science Shanghai Univer Shanghai Wen Wei Po Survey Center conducted a telephone survey. Data show that more than 60% of respondents believe that after the launch of promotional activities, but also because of technical reasons and other reasons to cancel the activities of the Department of dishonesty, the future will no longer believe that the site".

if you encounter "website withdrawn for various reasons, promotional activities, and mandatory refund", 49.02% of respondents indicated that they would "require reasonable compensation, compensate for their losses, 34.31% choose to quit, after all, the website in a strong party", and 16.67% of the respondents "ask the site to continue performing, refused to sue". For how to supervise such promotional activities, 34.31% said it should be in the business sector for the record in advance, once the implementation must be fulfilled".