Dangdang response book discount order online bookstore when free pricing

January 8th, published jointly issued by the Chinese Publishers Association, China Books Industry Association, Chinese Xinhua Bookstore Association "rules" was promulgated in the book even bargain brewing after two years. According to the rules, a new book published within a year will have to be sold at the price of books, and online bookstores or membership sales can enjoy up to no more than 15% off discount.

minimum discount shall not be less than 15% off, which is not operational, we will be introduced after the introduction of the rules and other rules." The famous online bookstore dangdang.com, before the "rules" in the book even bargain on the publishing year book shall be not less than 15% off of the sale "responded.

AC Nielsen released data show that China’s online book consumers have at least 30 million 800 thousand people, the total number of online shopping groups 56%. In addition, according to Analysys International Senior Analyst Cao Fei presented data, the second quarter of 2009, the publication of online retail market reached 632 million yuan, accounted for the entire B2C market sales volume 13.91%, while dangdang.com in the two quarter of 2009 online retail market share accounted for 50%, followed by 34.8% Amazon. Limit limit order once implemented, the most affected will undoubtedly be the two online bookstores.

dangdang.com PR senior director Zhang Ying said in an interview with reporters: "dangdang.com in the sale of 600 thousand books, all have new books published every day, within a year of the book is accounted for 30% of overall sales dangdang.com, of which at least half of the price is less than 15% off, if the" ban ", this part of Dangdang the book sales will be affected. But from another point of view, the promotion of new books, good books should not be too dependent on the price, a reasonable price is conducive to the healthy development of the industry as a whole."

The reporter found that in view of

, joyo.com dangdang.com and other large book sales website, over the past few days, most of these new site is still on sale, selling book on the list of books are still at a discount sales of 6 – 20 percent off, which refers to the part of the "book" is the 65% off big discount.

at the same time Dangdang more advocate free pricing, at no less than the cost, not contrary to the premise of the law, to the customer the biggest discount." Zhang Ying said, many readers have been used to buy cheap online bestseller, consumers on the ‘discount limit’ acceptance, but also requires a long process."

corresponding, other online bookstores have not made price adjustments. "Official limited fold" planning side also said that the General Administration of press and publication and the three Association issued a document together, unified implementation date, and the supervision of public opinion, violators will be exposed by the media, the joint sanctions in the industry. In addition, the establishment of the integrity of the file, the report calls.

"provision" a lot of friends was puzzled, many netizens said, now the price is very high, if there is no discount will.

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