Buy network expansion threatens the traditional electricity supplier eBay Amazon and other Jedi coun

eBay Amazon and other Jedi counterattack

[TechWeb] reported on August 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, along with the increase of – Groupon group purchase website transaction type is no longer confined to the restaurant and salon, eBay, Amazon threat is facing greater.

buy site offers transactions are covering more products, no longer just a discount consumer services, as well as a substantial discount of retail goods. Standard & Poor’s analysts believe that this brings great pressure to eBay, Amazon and so on.

analysts said, you can see, more and more buy site into various commodity areas, including traditional retail business. People’s spending is limited, if they invest more in the buy site, is bound to invest less in eBay and other sites.

BIA/Kelsey analyst Peter Krasilovsky said that now buy more than 600 websites. On Tuesday, Google announced the acquisition of the U.S. buy site The Dealmap, it is clear that this is inevitable. Only restaurant coupons are obviously boring.

Groupon has submitted a IPO application, the company first aimed at traditional retail goods. A spokesman for Groupon said the company offered discounts on restaurants that were good enough to be a logical step into new areas. As more and more people see Groupon as a powerful marketing tool, it will quickly seek beyond.

market research firm ComScore released the latest data show that in June of this year, Groupon attracted 14 million 400 thousand U.S. independent visitors, an increase of 217%.

eBay and Amazon has also been trying to join the buy games, eBay to buy deals on its home page, Amazon last year to $110 million price to buy the site June, Amazon and LivingSocial cooperation. LivingSocial also submitted a IPO application. Amazon invested $175 million last year to LivingSocial. The latest news that Amazon has been launched in Chicago to buy a daily experimental service, which will be based in Chicago, Groupon challenge.

analysts said, it is clear that the group has become a major event eBay and Amazon, they see it as part of potential growth. EBay and Amazon declined to comment,

Groupon submitted IPO documents show that many sellers are willing to try to buy. In the first quarter of this year, the company’s revenue increased to $644 million 700 thousand, only $44 million 200 thousand last year. Groupon generally charge 50% commission. For sellers, 50% of the Commission seems to be too high, but analysts believe that in view of the group purchase

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