Taobao entity shop get together in the office of a wide range of warehousing and distribution




in the Haitian garden, many shop rented villa business, a building used for storage of goods.


couriers riding a motorcycle shuttle in the district.

district residents complained of fire safety risk management department admitted the existence of regulatory gaps in the management of

TechWeb editor: the quiet district, suddenly out of the strange men and women, a lot more shuttle express car, the clothes and shoes of the pile up like a mountain hand; quiet night, often can hear the sound of singing as one falls, another rises QQ…… Who are they?. It seems that overnight, a large number of physical shop coincidentally occupied the major areas, whether it is a villa or villa, have their shadow.

day, the reporter interview survey found: many shop hidden in the office of the houses, even in some residential areas, have been developed to go into the city. Many district residents complained: the district was originally our home, and now suddenly so many unfamiliar faces and foreign vehicles, people lack of security."

at present, due to the individual shop business behavior no mandatory provisions, to industry and commerce, taxation, social security and other departments of safety supervision, supervision of the difficulty. The entity shop quietly invade homes, is causing a new problem of social management……

China Electronic Commerce Research Center is expected in 2011 China’s online retail market transaction size will reach 763 billion 400 million yuan. As of June 2011, the number of individual stores nationwide reached 1450, an increase of 20.8%, the latest data show that the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, Guangzhou has a network of more than 40 thousand commodity trading business information.


field survey

Taobao store hiding villa four in one office

Luoxi Metro:



sellers favor treasure

Panyu Luoxi Metro Haitian garden, Eton Les Loges Du Park Hotel area, has recently become a popular Taobao seller "treasure", the reporter before the date to the tenant identity Kanlou intermediary very enthusiastically said, near the market has a lot of rented office, including Taobao sellers.

"in the last one or two months we have done a single business, are doing Taobao, there are four or five consulting." In Luoxi Metro auspicious street, an intermediary broker said, two single business guests were moved here from Haizhuqu District, mainly too some of Haizhuqu District’s residential access to cargo owners signed release, a lot of trouble, just moved here. In addition, "Haizhuqu District one"

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