Beautiful said Xu Yirong thanks to Taobao blocked appreciation Tencent strength


property as the media and Iqiyi jointly produced the "super talk show" is hit, the guests for the beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong.

founder Xu Yirong said beautiful from 2009 until now, beauty has gone through six years of time, in the view of Xu Yirong "do one thing, the process is difficult, the need for a long time, perhaps 8 to 10 years". Looking back, the beauty is not smooth.


first venture was not known, Xu Yirong appears in "the biggest hit is a psychological blow, when you start before, all people actually feel very cow, if you are a loser you will never go into business." So when zhuaxia failed, Xu Yirong took 1 years to choose the entrepreneurial direction again, and turned his mind. "You have to accept a grass root mentality, do you think you are grass root, what is not, then you can start." For Xu Yirong, the founder of the beautiful said after every day is earned.

is now beautiful that has gone through the D round of financing, the largest investor is Tencent, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng also came to visit the beautiful said. In the eyes of Xu Yirong, Ma Huateng is a very good product manager, Pony has a very powerful place, no matter how much Tencent, Pony are very concerned about the details of the product."

Xu Yirong details are not trivial details, but the user’s true thoughts. Jobs said: most users want to use the most convenient way to operate, get the desired results." At this point, Ma Huateng is particularly impressive, "he can instantly know the pursuit of simple and convenient operation of the user’s behavior, and then in the above products targeted to improve the details, so he changed out of something really good." Xu Yirong said.


is also a technical man born, Ma Huateng is also very optimistic about the female fashion consumer market, the layout of Tencent strategic vacancy, beautiful appearance, make up the gap. WeChat also said that the entrance to the beautiful, in the purchase of clothing, but also the use of high frequency WeChat payment, both sides get through each other. Xu Yirong seems to be a win-win cooperation between the two sides. Pony believes that WeChat must pay to pay the first scene, and the beautiful said the girls to buy clothes is very high frequency action. So now WeChat pay, accounting for about forty percent of the proportion."

in fact, by the end of 2013, said Taobao had been blocked beauty. Taobao said the beginning of the most beautiful is the access port, played a leading role in the classification, the executive vice president of Alibaba group has said, Ming Ming: Taobao and other beautiful mode of waiting for a full two years". Taobao is very much in the hope that it has such a model for the user to do shopping guide. Talking about the period of time for Taobao drainage, Xu Yirong said, "beauty in this environment"

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