Fribi secondary trading platform in the circle of friends



Fribi: circle of friends in the second-hand goods trading platform

believe that a lot of people have had such trouble: there are too many idle items at home, throw a pity it is useless at home, but also the local. What should we do? Maybe, Fribi can help you solve this problem.

Fribi is an application developed by a Swedish start-up company, there are two versions of iPhone and Android, can help users easily handle idle items. Fribi will limit the transaction object in your circle of acquaintances, so that you can trade with friends above Facebook.

first of all, you need to create a list, and this step is far from the eBay (micro-blog) or above Craigslist so cumbersome. Next, you need to take pictures of the items you intend to deal with and make a simple description. In addition, Fribi also has a scoring system that prevents users from trading useless or broken things.

Fribi application just a few months ago in Norway on the line, and now has achieved good results. In this country of only 5 million people, every day there are tens of thousands of people through this platform, each one takes what he needs Fribi.

Fribi co-founder and CEO · Merton; Issa Chasen (Morten Isachsen) said: "we all have a lot of idle items lost in the wardrobe, garage and basement, until one day they are not worth a hair when we will be thrown into the trash. Fribi’s service was initially aimed at our community, and later we decided to expand the scope of services, to a project team to invest our own resources, to create a new company."

Fribi faces the biggest challenge is how to attract users to achieve traffic growth. Due to the release of the market shortly before the Norway, Fribi is currently a small number of overseas users, there are not too many idle items available for trading. However, Fribi believes that compared to their competitors, they have two advantages, one is simple and easy to use, and the other is the network effect.

in a free trading market, for friends to deal with what things, people usually have a curious mind. If a friend to sell cheaper teapot just is you a few weeks to search, then what kind of feeling? Could it away.

Fribi will be easy to browse the user will be waiting for all the idle items listed. Issa Chasen said: "the Fribi and other classification trading platform, there are still big differences, focus more on the user’s personal relationship, and will become a community oriented trading platform, so that the idle goods transaction becomes more interesting, more social and more security."

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