Six basic knowledge Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice to read

There are a lot of people to join the ranks to Wangzhuan

every year, there are a lot of people from the higher the industry, this is a common feature of various industries, each industry are not all profitable, are basically 20 points is to make money, the 80 point is not to make money, this is called the 28 principles for Wangzhuan, 28! This principle becomes more obvious, so how can we let Wangzhuan novice how to become successful in this industry earns 20% of the


: a full understanding of the function of search engine, a lot of people in Wangzhuan like what no goal, on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, do not know how to make Wangzhuan, hear others do flicker on like a swarm of bees to the last, have to face the embarrassment of failure, so we all to several problems and these problems we are able to use search engines to find the answer, such as a Wangzhuan project is not a risk, a project of the higher operating method and so on we will be able to search engine to answer, so you can make yourself self-taught


two: when nothing more to some Wangzhuan websites and forums to see inside it often has a lot of successful experience, of course, there are many losers complain, we can obtained from these predecessors in Wangzhuan, let yourself go a little higher in some detours on the road, but also to be able to understand a lot of creative Wangzhuan on these sites, sometimes you think Wangzhuan is to earn creativity, is to earn the opportunity, once you may hold, since entering the millionaire’s role, but these opportunities are often left to those who are prepared! So we need to make the Internet gathered, a lot of observation, a lot of learning, slowly you will find your own ways from it, and even be able to bring you the Wangzhuan ideas, so you can slowly Get rid of the word


three: listen more interactive, we stroll Wangzhuan site is to increase knowledge Wangzhuan to yourself, and add some Wangzhuan group is to exercise their communicative ability, but also need to know your contacts, people will bring you a project, through your efforts that can give you a lot the online market, and this is perhaps in Wangzhuan friends chat when you a casual idea can be realized! So that more exchanges, more learning is the necessary way to master the Wangzhuan


four: exercise of executive power, a lot of people do Wangzhuan part-time work during the day, night time to earn extra money at this time must be dedicated, can not only have little time of two minds, if you want to make money, one side of the game while there is currently no such a good job, there are a lot of people talking about QQ, while to do Wangzhuan, but your efficiency Wangzhuan will be greatly reduced, for example, I have deep experience, and others in the chat Q and write articles, usually one hour post even write for two hours, the efficiency is reduced by half, visible in the Wangzhuan must concentrate on ambition, intentnesses


five: always >

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