My website is how to rank the first Baidu

my red blood station site time more than half a year, from 1 IP at the beginning of the day (I) to 60 IP every day now, had been K, stop the parsing problem and so on, now just 200 yuan of income, cost recovery, oh, to write this article, is pure talk about feelings:

1 personal webmaster is not easy, if you rely on this money to live, long starved to death, because we are vulnerable groups, so only in this community to rely on their own efforts to eat mixed meal.

2 remember at the beginning of 2010, the mainstream mode is single do Amoy page +seo, so I have to join the ranks, maybe his ability is not good, so can only earn so little, want to come now, in fact, any industry is one of the few people to make money, is what we want to do that for a small number of people, how to as part of the less people? One is to rely on their own research, the two is to find a master to teach. But the key is still in their own.

3 to make money of others is not open, open out the basic things are out of date, but in any industry are the essence of the law, no matter what language is popular now, but the fundamental thing is a compilation of these basic things such as opcode.

4 talk about how I was looking for false original article: Baidu /gg search related keywords, to dozens of pages to find the article behind the use of pseudo original tools adapted, released, still included.

5 chain approach: first set up dozens of blogs, every day to send the article, adhere to the 1 period of time, feel no effect, they give up, then again the release of my site link exchange information platform, the effect is all right; finally by posting on the altar and the signature of the chain, I do have the Forum Forum, A5 and laggards, the effect can also be.


6 update algorithm, after this update, the 3 key words I have ranking, hehe, maybe next time is gone, it is not allowed to say, who let the vulnerable groups is


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