Encounter APP undercurrent the entrepreneurial opportunity or trap

Abstract dinner, karaoke, watching movies is the main social activities of the urban population, so they become the starting point for most social class meeting.

reported in October 7th Han Yimin science and technology Tencent

a location based stranger encounter social APP is trying to end people’s loneliness.


in WeChat, WhatsApp and other instant social applications dominate the world situation, the social network of the entrepreneurial space seems to have There is not much left. but smart, entrepreneurs are still good at starting from the diverse social needs, develop more segments of social networking tools. This location based stranger encounter APP is one of the attempts.

based on location, strangers, dating is the key to such social APP, so that users can immediately offline dating is the difference between the actual characteristics of WeChat and unfamiliar street.

goodbye lonely

"gun" is hanging on the stranger social an unavoidable label, but the encounter social APP is trying to reverse the stereotype.

APP has met the mechanism of common use: open the mobile phone positioning function, set the search distance in the system according to the set distance of selected users, interested to talk, or watching movies, eating an invitation issued. The core of this mechanism is to solve the people in real life dating needs, solve similar "a person eat buffet, the bathroom was away back plate waiter" type of embarrassment.

eat, K songs, watching movies is the main social activities of the urban population, so they become the starting point for most social class meeting.

in APP has been the advent of the encounter, looking for you to play, to accompany you to see the movie, please choose to eat this path, accompany you to see the movie and dinner is limited to the characteristics of the activities, looking for you to play the activities covering sports, entertainment, leisure, travel, learning, etc. category more delicacy.

is different from the above three APP, the same as the APP probe encounter did not choose activities as the starting point, but set up a pair of screening mechanism: users can recommend people choose to love or not love, only two people can love each other to talk. Pan Ying, co-founder of exploration, this design is mainly to protect the female users, to avoid excessive harassment of female users, but also to allow women to master more initiative.

According to

, from May to the present line, a total of 100 thousand users to explore a total, although the launch time is not long, and the user is not large body size, but there are already on the user to explore the real friends.

opportunity or trap?

most people circle is too small, and the way to know a stranger is limited, such social needs pain is the reason why such APP was born. Most of the current urban youth are faced with social dilemmas, such a group of potential target audience,