On the choice of advertising alliance

website, not to say all is to make money, but it can be said that the most is to make money, then the site exactly how to make money? I combined my for more than a year to do stand experience, to share with you, we want to help, let those who are confused about how to convert to cash flow friends can help.

advertising money is actually very, but the more mature and development, should be said that there are two kinds of CPS advertising, CPA advertising! For these two kinds of advertising model, I recommend to you: related advertising CPS advertising alliance I recommend Taobao and Ali mother guest network. CPA advertising alliance is naturally Google advertising alliance, of course, Baidu advertising alliance is also a good choice, but the higher the threshold of the union, for the novice webmaster, it can be said to be impossible!

why advertising so much, I only recommend it is so few, the other can not do, of course not, other natural can do, such as horse advertising alliance, is the very good, but since the recommendation, naturally I will tell you the best, the best, also need to choose better the


add a point here: most web sites do the advertising is good, but some are not fully fit, such as download stations, for this, I recommend the Express advertising alliance, of course, the thunder advertising alliance is also good; WAP station, it is recommended that Goku advertising alliance


well, roughly speaking here, final tips, please don’t exaggerate the choice of advertising, the day did not pay absolutely reliable, but definitely not the most reliable, to do, to do the best!

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