Task management company Asana received $28 million B round of financing


July 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, the task management company Asana announced today that it has been in the B round of financing from venture capital firms Founders Fund and existing shareholders of venture capital companies benchmark capital (Benchmark), Anderson · Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz), the fund industry investor Mitchell · Kapoor (Mitch Kapor) to raise the additional $28 million in capital.

It is reported that

, venture capitalists, Facebook director Peter · (Peter Thiel); Theil before they are an individual investor in Asana, but in the investment after Asana and deeper involvement Theil and gained a seat on the board of Asana.

from each investor in Asana, which is full of "Facebook DNA", Asana’s investors include Facebook co-founder Dustin · Moscovitz (Dustin Moskovitz) and former Facebook Engineer Justin · Rosenstein (Justin Rosenstein).

Quora co-founder Adam · () Angelo (Adam D) and former chief technology officer of Facebook is also a member of the board of Asana. In addition, before the Asana benchmark capital investors include Matt · Kohler (Matt Cohler), while Kohler was one of the first Facebook in the recruitment of staff, and now as the director of Facebook Theil joined the Asana board of directors.

technology website Pandodaily released information shows that Asana round of financing value of nearly $300 million. Before moscowitz and Rosenstein has learned to Thiel joined the board of Asana Asana round of financing just makes the desire to achieve theil.

the reason why so many early Facebook key people interested in Asana, not entirely because of Asana and Facebook had a common founder moscovitz. After all, there is a great difference between the two corporate customers, business models and products, but the two companies are similar to a core, which has a strong sense of mission, the goal of Asana is to make people work and communicate better together, and this is one reason why Asana attract so many early Facebook key figures.