17 butterfly orchid Fu shop story flagship store small talk 70% High Commission

Hello, welcome to A5 Taobao Taobao shop section off the story, I’m A5 Yaqing, today we invited guests is the butterfly Fu orchid flagship store dawn

butterfly Fu orchid flagship store Taobao recruitment of long-term cooperation customers, the highest percentage is up to 70%

shops belong to: Tmall shop

main business: Beauty skin care

store address: http://s.derfriend.tmall.com

butterfly orchid Fu brand was founded in 2003, Hongkong butterfly Fu orchid group is a collection of cosmetics R & D, production and sales as one integrated company. For domestic and foreign cosmetics manufacturers to provide technical support and formula development. In Chinese, with nearly more than 1 thousand and 700 stores in the world. The butterfly orchid, earlier proposed "solution" and the concept of "small molecule technology". To solve the problem of skin and improve, creating a new field. So called "the father of dope".

ya: when is your shop from the beginning of the Tmall? The original idea is how convenient to talk with you?

butterfly flan flagship store: US Fu Lan flagship store in 2012 began operating in May, butterfly Fu orchid advocate for the safety of all solution is no longer a luxury. Butterfly orchid Fu line has experienced 9 years of development, in the electricity supplier industry preferred Tmall as our first stop plan within three years in the major electricity supplier platform.

: Welcome dawn Yaqing again! Dawn, give us a talk about the establishment of the shop when you didn’t meet what difficulty? Can be simple and share with


butterfly flan flagship store: at the beginning of the main difficulty is the problem of the traffic flow, the first cosmetics brand stickiness is relatively high. Later, we find the difference in the product, in the car made a breakthrough, we stand in the annual advertising costs around 10 million.

Yaqing: ground brands Tmall to do online shopping, bigger advantage is on the ground in the market has accumulated a lot of customer resources, and high-quality products and strong capital chain as the support, but the biggest problem is that may affect the stores and shop price system is not consistent to bring, and how do you avoid this contradiction?

butterfly flan flagship store: we passed to re position the product, upgrade to the network for money, to avoid the line of competition, the price and the line flagship stores are basically consistent.

ya: a lot of ground brands do shop will encounter the problem of shortage of talent, do you have the same trouble?

butterfly flan flagship store: twenty-first Century is the most important talent, the electricity industry is currently in a stage of rapid development, our team is training employees to note, every week will have regular training, employees grow faster.