Rookie how to through the auction to earn a pot of gold

this article to share some misunderstanding in operation when the novice bidding, and the specific steps to help you learn to use the auction to earn first pot of gold


sad Internet

many people still remember the past just the rise of the Internet age, just a home hanging have traffic on the Internet, a casual video can attract a lot of IP, just a post there may be tens of thousands of people watching, group business is done fast


but now the environment has changed, the flow is not so easy, free flow is almost done. Before Baidu post bar, Baidu know can be linked to the drainage, and now many key words can not even issue.

now want to get free traffic, a word difficult!

even SEO, motionless K station, a large number of PPC, you have the flow has a free mode, There is not much left., has gradually come to an end.

rookie confused

rookie, is doomed to be confused, the only difference is that some rookie will quickly learn to catch up with the trend of charging, but some rookie can only regret out.

We all know that

network is a good place to make money, but there is no direction! Know free traffic get well, think of the bidding, but worry about the advertising dashuipiao


so rookie are very confused, no money, no contacts, no experience, no technology, some just a cavity blood and vision for the future.

once we, also walk like this!

simple money model

In fact, the

auction, it is to spend money to buy traffic to sell products, the most simple business model. Just as you do a simple business model to sell things in your town.

some people say that the auction is very simple, advertising money on it; some people say that the auction is very difficult, relates to a method for surface. But I want to say is that the price is a patient live, is also a need to experience.

it is to find a good project on advertising, and then you can pick one.

but this is often a simple thing, but there is a high degree of detail in terms of requirements, such as keyword selection, quality optimization, advertising costs, conversion rates, etc….

novice how to operate the bidding

this is a lot of people are concerned about the problem, but also the most difficult to solve the problem. Here I give you a simple idea and reference standards, then a novice can also smooth the road.

is the first profit of the project, not less than 200 yuan, or else there is a relatively high cost of Baidu Sogou bidding price of 360, there is no guarantee of profit is not to make money;

followed by product delivery issues, large