The original _ using Baidu one day earn 10 yuan

Yesterday。。 Cut yourself a picture.. Show friends. So that they can earn 10 yuan a day and strive to   when you can earn more than $50 a day.. Please do not look at the content of  .. Here is just the beginning of the teaching of a friend   master please advice…  


is now competing for good… Only three pictures.. I hope they can understand. Can really use…

make money step:

Buy a

1 (cheap domain name)     (CN; such a domain name. As long as one yuan)

2 in Baidu know to register an account

3 ask questions (for example:     mobile phone ringtones can download the _ fairy tale where)

4 after a few hours and then register a Baidu account. To answer (answer: is their own advertising page) do not understand the screenshot

here to play their own how to answer can be free to know the manual removal of Baidu      

5 one day. Or two days later.. Baidu on the account submitted to the landing.. Find your answer face. For the best answer

6 one day. Up to three days.. Baidu knows not to delete your release ad.. You can try to search in Baidu where you publish advertising     keywords…     (usually in the first page.)

make good use of Baidu.. Ah ah toot toot…     Du     doodoodoodoodoodoo Du

a few degrees a day. We are waiting to receive luo…

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