Want to say something to Ali mother

Ali mother on-line to many webmaster has brought vitality, before GG, the title too fierce, Baidu audit too strict, other Union garbage. To this end, many owners can not be converted into cash flow. Ali took the lead in the first line of advertising when the sale of goods. I used to be the owner of the site to sell my ad, during which some people have bought advertising. Later, I also experienced the purchase of advertising, I would like to personally feel for my mother said:

is the main site, I hope not to sell advertising, Ali mother should improve the matching degree of advertising and website, for example, now the website showed that rising advertising is rising too much, the high price of some? I am an educational website www.xuegle.com this type of advertising how much ah? Who will click on how many people click? More than 2 thousand IP a day to 2 yuan, as a webmaster I should reflect, I think my mother should also think about our webmaster.

as the site owner, after the sale of advertising, you have to be honest, not free to delete or move the location of advertising, but also to maintain their own servers, can not stop the site or advertising. The mother is not doing well in this regard, the lack of third monitoring.

as advertisers, are based on Ali’s mother to buy third party data. The mother’s data can not provide the stability, the main site for example: I bought a A site at the top of the advertisement, and on the third day, he upgrade the system shut down the site, or server problems and close the site and other reasons caused by my ads can not be normal running, the loss should be how to do? Such as: I bought a B site at the top of the advertising space, but a B to sell more advertising, and the top advertising code replacement, my ads placed elsewhere, the loss should be how to do? Is directly to advertisers, or mom? There? What evidence can be used as


as advertisers, advertising is the effect of speaking. But this effect we how to distinguish? The mother’s evaluation system, how should we go out? For instance I advertise on a A site for a week, showing hundreds of times, and click on the 0, I was the evaluation of good or bad? In addition to advertisers in the evaluation was wrong can not modify.

I want to say to my mother, thank you for providing this platform for us, but also hope that the mother for us to consider, but you are not profitable, but you want to profit must rely on our webmaster, our webmaster earn money, you can also make money.