Why can’t you stick to your website

There are many websites, has just launched a passionate shot, forthright, advertising burned particularly fierce, traffic is rising very fast,

but advertising a stop, flow straight down, depressed, can not find the north, don’t know what to do. Do you have this kind of experience? If so, here to share with you a website operating philosophy:

if you are launching a new website, through a variety of marketing, every day can get a new 10000ip flow, if your website viscosity can reach 10%, which means that there will be a new 1000IP flow love on your site every day, every day on your site. How much do you know after a year of traffic?After 365 days of

, your web traffic is stuck flow makes 365*1000=36.5 million IP

1, no site features or characteristics of the web site is not prominent

website said characteristics, especially want to mention a website that is China blog, blog Chinese is a very worthy of study case.