MYEE six degree space registration has changed form

members of the good:

change the way the original registered registered landing posts for effective.3 yuan /.


put on the site requires company audit, only the audit site to pay the cost of

post users should be consistent with the provisions of the contents of the six web site posting, not malicious irrigation.

users can not cheat on the grounds of the test for verification, such as the test can only be declared in advance to test the 1 count is normal, the test data is not settled.

user IP can only be collected once a day, multiple IP repeat as invalid user, deduct the corresponding invalid user

posting pay in accordance with the new post users to billing,

repeat the definition of post, such as the user ip: made a post the same day and from a new post issued a post post invalid. Second days and registered a user post, as invalid. (indicate that the IP segment of the user that is developed by the advertiser and is very similar, such as is invalid

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