Fresh electricity costs only make a little money in spring.

in order to maintain fresh, electricity providers to carry a complex supply chain, the high cost of logistics, not open market nurture.

for fresh food sales, production, storage, transportation, always in the consumer before each link in the low-temperature environment, must use the "cold chain logistics high".

have a love of tomatoes, an inspirational orange, entrepreneurs, business platform, a head into fresh areas, the market appears to be crowded area. However, at the end of a "1 million 500 thousand transfer" message, a "a fresh experience to share electricity supplier loser", opened a fresh electricity suppliers are difficult dilemma.

article spread, excellent food network founder Ding Jingtao face the most problem is 1 million 500 thousand of the transfer price is not too low in Beijing or even buy a house of 50 square. He has seen dozens of contacts inside and outside the industry, to find a person who is determined to do fresh difficult".

entrepreneurial, his vision is very good. "Like sending milk to send food", the first shipment of goods to the community, and then through the electric tricycle sent to thousands of households, through the realization of the distribution of dishes do not meet, do not have people and other dishes, but food, etc.". Take the box can play an uninterrupted advertising effect, reduce the difficulty of customer development, and increase customer stickiness, etc., a region to do, quickly copy.

"all this, in the eyes of my IT is very beautiful, but the complexity of fresh problems, so that the venture has become a disaster." 2012 excellent dish network users close to 20 thousand, the customer price of only $40, the annual turnover of 3 million.

is the soul of fresh food, fresh vegetable fresh tall, irreplaceable fragrant fruit smell, is almost endorsement of the quality of life, and in order to maintain the "fresh", the electricity supplier to face complex supply chain, high logistics cost, open market cultivation. Now, the vertical electricity supplier life and death line, the big platform of the big brothers who are baffled about this problem, Zhang Jindong made it clear that, in addition to fresh class, Suning sell anything". And when Ding Lei announced the pig site has been implemented, said Liu Qiangdong, if you can solve the problem of fresh, be sure to let the pig in the first mall Jingdong Ding Lei. But in the face of Taobao, Amazon, SF, and the vertical electric compact layout, Liu Qiangdong can’t wait "Ding Lei pig" surfaced, causing a tomato with "love story" opened the veil of fresh channels.

"even in large shopping malls or supermarkets, in most of the products do self under the premise of goods Taiwan also rent out fresh products, fresh industry in traditional areas, not to achieve standardization, how could be standardized on the Internet?" business observers Lu Zhenwang judgment, fresh electricity supplier cost much higher than the line, so the industry is difficult to attract people, earn a little money is no problem, but the dream of IPO too difficult."

did not place an order before the loss of

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