t’s more important to make money and make money

slept for a long time did not sleep last night, I think a lot of chaos. There is a great sense of "stress" that comes from deep inside". In the Taobao University for more than a month, the feeling of time too fast, but he learned too little. Especially in this technology Wangzhuan feel, learn too bad.

began to learn SEO technology, do not understand the point of knowledge is not very understanding, I will go to Baidu to find some information to compare, so that their better understanding of these points of knowledge. At that time, I feel that I understand the understanding of the. After the "fifteen days" camp 7 days subject to do answer, only to find their own knowledge of SEO almost forgotten, do each question to look to new knowledge from Taobao university curriculum, and then go to Baidu to find some information to answer. Can use their own words to answer, I will not be the whole course of the word "do not leak" copy. Answering questions in your own words will make you more aware of the knowledge, not just the knowledge.

realize that learning SEO technology is only theoretical knowledge in the answer process, to learn SEO technology must begin to operate, and often do, conversion of SEO theoretical knowledge so as to apply to technology. Because only repeat to do, only Practice makes perfect. Hope and I do not understand the same SEO technology novice friends to remember this.

I have always thought that the technology is to earn a lot of money, so I am really very technical aspects of this food, but also than the rookie dishes. Side too many examples can explain the technology can not make money. Met last night a few years did not contact the junior high school students in QQ, he is the study of electronic commerce, 2003 at the beginning of our central computer city, is to do computer maintenance, there are several years did not do, he returned to the computer city to work now, I asked him, "how long do now, how much is the month" he said "do wage? For nearly three years, a few hundred pieces a month, have their own rent, only for lunch". Then I asked him if you would build a website, he said he would have built a website before, and now he hasn’t done it for years.

I was wondering, he is a professional e-commerce, now his computer technology (including computer installation, maintenance, security, construction, application software etc.) is more skilled, contact network time and the information on the Internet should know more than I, I asked him this sentence: "so much you understand computer technology, want to make money on the Internet, he froze, said that now more than 11 points, want to sleep, and the next time you talk about this topic.

has been can’t sleep last night, because the problem is to make money, make money and technology thinking which is more important? As long as the efforts to study seriously, repeat to do, is to learn, but also very skilled. As long as there is someone to teach you, even if you do not understand at the beginning, you are willing to adhere to the efforts to learn, can learn, and soon learn. Thinking is more difficult to learn than technology, the teacher is only to play a guiding role