Super income white-collar mobile phone film business, earning a relaxed million

recently, when I went out to play, I took iPad to take some photos. The iPad film has become warped edge side, a long time will definitely fall. I’m on the way in a mobile phone stall for a.


mobile phone film stall for three years, this business is very simple, one desk and a computer on it. Simple but is not no money, the news had reported that the mobile phone film made stall than those who do take the white-collar, thousand easily.

smart phones are now almost one hand, the use of very frequent. You see those who are waiting for the car to play the phone, even when walking while playing mobile phone. Many office workers in addition to work to sleep, time is almost used to play the phone. Mobile phone is like a pet as the shadow follows the form. A lot of people because of constantly playing mobile phone, mobile phone film to replace two or three times a year, especially girls, long nails, with more bad, mobile phone film faster, so that the market is very big.

I want to change in the stalls, because I feel not satisfied with the total. I posted two film, posted a few times before success. In addition, the screen looks overall is good, but there are still few dust on the screen, looks uncomfortable, always want to change, there is a grain of acne like white pink face, always want to get rid of. This time he posted very quickly and very clean, and I am quite satisfied with it.

actually, I think this is not what the hard thing is completely Practice makes perfect. He is almost a molding, in a clean manner. I think the reason why many people choose to buy him in the film here, but also for this reason, spend ten dollars to fix what is relatively easy. People are getting lazy, including myself. He is to give these lazy to solve these small problems. I posted a 30 dollars, he should be able to earn 20 dollars, because the Shanghai side has specialized wholesale these film market, many things are very cheap.

I had a friend part-time to do this, and are organized together, then each shipment, a car around, choose someone more intersection or subway in these places can be done, mobile phone film profits are high, sometimes they do put down money wages higher than the film.

I talked to him for a while and asked how much it could be. This dude is very polite, began to say just how much, can not earn any money, I said I do not believe. He said that a day will be dozens of bar. In accordance with my ten minutes here, one after another has been waiting for two or three.

weekend do mobile phone business is very good, we have the business, from Monday to Friday less. Set up a stall to do the film from morning until evening business, get rid of the cloudy rain also have more than and 20 days to stall. They do not have the rent, the cost is not big, the work is free, unrestrained, is really much stronger than the white-collar work.

he is a good reason for this booth there are several factors:


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