Taobao shop to share the baby describes the writing experience

do Taobao for a whole year, and finally get a sparkling blue diamond, the recent business deserted, there is time to sum up the experience, look for deficiencies.

Needless to say the importance of

baby description.

from the operating characteristics of the shop, the baby describes the function is as much as possible to allow customers to get more information, so it is not easy to put a few pictures, playing on the size of the.

I summarize the following points:

, the number of pictures to be appropriate.

picture is not the more the better, each person’s speed and browser settings are not the same, too many pictures may affect the speed of the web page open. In the face of a snail, such as slow Web pages, there are a few customers will have to wait for the picture to 2-4 Zhang Zhang (of course, but also according to the characteristics of the product), panorama 1, details of the picture 1-2 Zhang on OK.

two, truthful description.

description of the product must be detailed, style, size, material must be there, but also to be placed in a prominent position. Note the use of products and daily maintenance, delivery and delivery time, product inventory and so on, in short, to stand in the perspective of a buyer to write baby description.

for the advantages and disadvantages of the baby at the same time, do not be afraid to say shortcomings will scare customers. A care, even the shortcomings will tell you the shopkeeper, will deceive you? Increase customer trust, to the shop and said, the customer has the right to know, the seller must inform the duty is.

three, increase promotional terms.

many sellers engage in promotional activities, will explain the specific circumstances of the promotion in the home page. I see data from the store statistics, many customers do not go to the home page, but in a baby and a baby jump between the page. So, if there are promotional activities, be sure to explain the details of the page in the baby. Some sell more XXX Bei, you can make a few more in the flow of baby. A little more effort to build a special shop in the promotion of the description of the page, in the details of the baby added to the promotional description of the connection, the OK.

in short, the baby details in addition to explain the basic situation of the baby, but also play a silent communication with customers. As long as the heart, the customer can feel, stand in the customer’s point of view, serious writing baby description, business will slowly get better.

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