Google Adwords next month will no longer accept the thesis ad

according to the Gseeker news: just look at the Google above " essay writing" or " " you will see a lot of related advertising. Reminds me of my university graduation thesis writing and a little scared, just typing went on for more than a week, almost sit out piles. With these services, you may only need one day to get the graduation thesis. It is precisely because of strong demand, so there have been a lot of papers devoted to writing services companies, they have AdWords through the Google above the ad. Not only that, a lot of strong writing ability of college students also began to advertise through Google, sell their own papers. Such behavior has threatened the value of a college degree.

according to BBC reports, Google has decided to start next month, no longer accept papers related to advertising services. This is because more and more people, especially universities, have accused plagiarism of plagiarism, threatening the integrity of a college degree. The University said a warm welcome for the decision of the Google, but also those who rely on Google to bring traffic and customer service company to write papers also showed a strong dissatisfaction, they think they do is just business, they have no right to refuse Google.

Google’s decision means that the service has also become a member of the black list of the Google advertising system, just like the ads related to weapons, prostitution, drugs, tobacco, forged documents and so on. Not only in the United States and in the UK, a spokesman for the Google said that Google’s decision would take effect in its global advertising network.

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