90 Entrepreneurs you fight the world we define the world

had been considered "not reliable" and "idiotic" 90 who began to appear on the stage of entrepreneurship. For them: Liu Chuanzhi generation is the pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of beauty to make money. And our generation to define what is beauty.

not long ago, Tencent invited several 90 entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience. At that time, a boy named slippers on the stage, the clothes printed on the "I love mankind" four characters.

I’m probably the first one took the stage wearing slippers, "Yin Sang said proudly," I want to take this movement to wear big pants, listed bell." The boy born in 1992, is the youngest person in China’s "30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30" in the Chinese version of "Forbes" in 2014.

IDG Capital Partners Li Feng remember the first time to see the scene of Yin Sang. At the end of 2012, in the Beijing East sanhuan Fuliwanli Hotel, Li Feng first met the United States from the Bentley school dropout to young people. Yin Sang’s stature is not high, nose on a pair of round glasses, his hair is a mess, tilt.

Yin Sang said he would like to improve the user to sing KTV experience, his sing along with the software on the line a few weeks, the cooperation of the KTV has 17, are one of his family down.

Some investors think

Yoon sang too young, hesitant to wait two years before the investment, but Li Feng in more than and 10 minutes made the decision, "how much money do you need?" Li Feng said, "we vote, you don’t have to find someone else."

2013, Yin Sang’s company received a $20 million IDG capital A round of financing. Now, he led a team of nearly 100 people, while Yin Sang is the youngest team, and the most old Department Manager is a year old at the age of 40.

was born in 1990, Sun Yuchen, as well as Yin Sang, in the United States last year, interrupted the master’s degree in University of Pennsylvania, returned to business, his entrepreneurial direction is the Internet banking.

Sun Yuchen after returning home, there are times to see a venture capital institutions, the other did not look at his products, directly asked him: "have you ever worked?"

"no," Sun Yuchen said. "After graduation, start a business." Heard this answer, the other is somewhat disgusted, that Sun Yuchen never worked in business, will fail, do not talk about.

that period of time, Sun Yuchen in a residential building in the venture, was burned in the United States to earn money to buy bitcoins, while the day was wearing a tie, wearing a suit to find vcs.

in the first week of entrepreneurship, Sun Yuchen are traveling by subway, which makes him very collapse, because the subway ride the whole momentum of the people have not played." For example, he went to China World Trade Center to see a wind, sit in the past from Wudaokou, on the road to spend two hours to after sun Yuchen all dizzy, have no talk.

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