3 years webmaster share about running dry cargo that something in the counter attack on the road


3 years of stationmaster: about running in the dry cargo sharing counter attack on the road that something

looked up at the moon, looking down and think of home "," it is all alone in a foreign land, during the festive season "! Once a year the Mid Autumn Festival has come, the author from graduation until now, work for a year, this year there is joy, sorrow, to calm down think about it, I feel really tired, but at this time the company be learned a lot, met a lot of friends… This is not, the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, although last year salary is not high (1500 or so), but the Mid Autumn Festival made a lot of benefits, compared to this year, for a new company, better treatment, at least there is the added value of the Commission, last year by + eleven long holiday Mid Autumn Festival the heart of the reunion, but this was not so lucky, three days of the holiday that I gave up the idea of returning home… Not much to say. Of these, below I will share to do grassroots webmaster three years of harvest and experience of dry cargo, hope to help novice.

Mid Autumn Festival: first I wish all fathers health, brothers and sisters


friends who can’t go home for the holidays – let’s take the dream home!

was the first to introduce me, I am from Shandong, the standard 90 male career, professional web programming, is also on the network said, "Bob", the website construction and part-time business website, today to talk about their own construction experience, you don’t think my age is small, short time of establishment… I graduated from high school, education is not high, only a year, a year for the ruined, university newspaper is specialized in computer information management, but when found not suitable for yourself, at least not interested in the class do not learn, the ordinary university you should know, a good school is the only beauty, good accommodation, but are cheating business, need to spend a lot of money, so that a year later, I dropped out despite family opposition insisted on, later proved, my approach is right, I do not regret it!! after dropping out of school at home for two months, can not stay, was not what technology and education, to go to work if I want a lifetime without great ambition, will let the family down, so I started playing the learning and training Idea, on the Internet to find a web site training institutions, in Ji’nan, the choice of professional website development, reported that the ASP programming, the semester is half a year. But then I found out that this ASP is a bit outdated, finally learned really a little regret, but still feel very value, after all, learned a asp programming technology, including PS, flash (the popularity of HTML5, then direct it away) div+css+html, js…… Until now, in order to find a better job, get more salary, learning PHP programming technology, though not very skilled, but the basic PHP system will be used and two times development, now the company’s work is the Dede dream weaving system imitation station construction, usually private.

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