With the worship of musk personal success, as learning behind the entire social system innovation

recently visited China Tesla CEO Elon Musk, · set off a small electric car boom. But as a successful entrepreneur, it is far more important to study the environment that supports his success than to analyze the individual and the product.

is the most typical example is to enter the field of Aerospace Launch musk high threshold. June 2002, musk invested $100 million to create SpaceX. On the one hand out of his love for space, on the other hand, Mask also believes that a large part of the cost of space launch is swallowed by a huge administrative agency.

when the rocket launch, by Boeing and Lockheed Martin · the two giants were "Space Launch Alliance" monopoly, a single average price of $400 million. And in June 2010 the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket orbit maximum capacity to reach 10.45 tons more than 9.2 tons of China Long March 2F, while single launch costs only about $35 million, price of about $50 million, lower than the original "cabbage price" China long march rocket $60 million.

in other words, such a small company, showing in 8 years of innovation ability, more than two American aircraft manufacturers and China ace sports system, this is not only due to the ability of individuals to see more musk, support the role of the whole social system of the company.

Internet access to knowledge more easily, a lot of past confidential design drawings can now be easily obtained; and the communication system and the financing system is developed, also let SpaceX famous, sustained attention, and NASA investment trust and order. These previously only large companies have the ability to make flexible, efficient small and medium companies increasingly have terrible innovation.

is more representative than SpaceX, is the development of more complex, more uncertain U.S. shale gas industry.

expansion of domestic oil and gas resources development and production is one of the most important energy strategy in the United States, in recent years, the development of shale gas exploration and development in the United States amazing. 2004, the United States shale gas wells only 2900, by 2009, shale gas production wells reached 98590, in 2011 only a few new shale gas wells reached a total of 10173. The development of shale gas in the United States, improve the level of the U.S. energy self-sufficiency, American dependence on foreign energy fell to the lowest level since 1980s, to become the first refinery exports in 60 years, in 2009 has surpassed Russia became the largest producer of natural gas.

is different from conventional natural gas, shale gas development needs a large area, large-scale and continuous drilling, early exploration and development investment,

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