52173.com Ali mother practice, increase Taobao promotion

              yesterday wrote a post "Mom will be everywhere, this afternoon, saw a Email, I say congratulations, my advertisement was sold, dizzy, have not had time to price it, a look, and that 5 cents per week advertising is sold, that don’t know the name of the buyer for two weeks, so give me the 1 hair, 1 hair, Ali mother need Commission, I have not seen, and then I’ll do one thing — the price, rose to 1 yuan / week, plus the site audit.
              with the Ali Mama, doing pretty good, the speed is not fast, but can also function, mom also statistics of my traffic, more than CNZZ in the basic statistics, I all page sale Ali mother advertising yesterday, do not know how many people click on, anyway, 32 of income, than in the previous 4 days, if this is not every day, 32 days, rich than master ah. Yeah, that’s not 1. Ha-ha。
              key words, or Altman’s words, and later found that Altman was wrong, I http://s.52173.com second page second. Is not the home page, I found that the love of Altman’s classmates really is more, but that a few of the game is really not really fine, but the children like it on the.
              Ali’s mother, I also tried Taobao promotion, promotion of a commission to more Taobao store, the students will give 14 yuan a price, about 99 of it, how to promote out? See tomorrow, I now choose those not very expensive, at least users can afford, but also relatively conforms to our customers products, the promotion did not know the owner only 6 goods (too little of it, miss, I) will not be pushed out of it, such as fruit this is to invite me to dinner.
            today registered the Baidu alliance, said the need for audit. Within 5 days.
            first with ALI mother.

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