According to drunk 300P station GGAD daily income 10 knife analysis

      first stated: I am not interested in GGAD cheating. Only through a number of techniques to control the GGAD unit price and click rate. Because the previously announced a daily income of dozens of knife station, later caused dozens of similar sites, has similar new phenomenon constantly. I can’t publish the website as a case. Unable to communicate with you, it is a pity.

recently had a dead station… . flow around 300IP, because of the recent preparatory student stationmaster net ( development, so there is no time to take care of, playing the GGAD optimization idea, now some of my experiences to share with the optimization of GGAD. Online research GGAD a lot of people, but also have such an organization, but most of them from the perspective of the main site to analyze, which is doomed to their failure.

        first of all I want to say the probability of a little GGAD Optimization: maybe it was a misunderstanding, GGAD not only increase the unit price and click rate of GGAD, to study how to improve it, but also to study how to put it down, was supposed to be a novice webmaster teach me before a few days, when I said to raise and lower the GGAD price and click rate, he only cares about improving, this attitude is not a webmaster should have, in order not to harm him, I couldn’t teach.

      first talk about the improvement method:  

      1. Click rate. (key)

      analysis of visitor’s computer level, the site visitor’s computer level is judged according to the content of the website, according to my experience, if visitors are computer low level, so the station is generally high click. But in 0%-8%, such as high level of computer owners, generally not others GGAD, if the point is delayed, so for the high level of computer users, is to increase the late method to improve CTR. Another user, who not long age users, they know GGAD the union people almost no, in their minds, the probability of no advertising, their understanding of advertising is entirely in accordance with the traditional way of thinking (like TV kind), so they can only see ads on the site of the month package. The GGAD as long as these settings are good, they simply can not be aware of advertising, for such users, to increase the click rate will be deceptive, induced click based.  

      horizontal position analysis: my AD is inserted in the content in this situation, I put the GGAD on the right. So, when the page opens easily (in late, Suman situation is more obvious, so the network is slow.

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