Be careful not to lose yourself in the nternet industry

would like to dedicate this article to the vast number of people who want to join or have engaged in the network to make money industry friends, I would like to be able to bring some inspiration to the text.

first to describe a situation:

Li often surf the Internet, the opportunity to see the opportunity to say that can be introduced to make money in the network, so curious Li decided to try. In search of a large amount of information, the conclusion is: only the Li site to make money. What kind of Web site to do it, Mike usually love to ponder the point of food and so on, so Xiao Li decided to get rid of food related websites. Registered domain name, Li search a lot of information on domain name registration, found that many sites are doing domain name registration, Xiao Li think this industry should have a future, or how so many people do it;

then in a domain name registrar that pay a prepayment become a domain agent; and then there is the publicity, the results of a month didn’t have registered several domain names, Mike found a domain name only a few dollars profit, is not enough to pay the electricity bills. Since no one registered that you register their own use, heard good domain names can be appreciated and the domain parking industry is also very profitable; then every day to consider what the domain name, the domain name has been registered good, registered some stop after a traffic statistics are not.

Khan, or continue to engage in the site.

domain name, then leased space, oh, more people do look at the space industry, search advertising is everywhere, this will certainly make money! In some space business customers persuasion, or pay the advance payment has become a senior agent, the agent profit price is really high, cost tens of dollars; sales price in more than and 100, profit is several times. Then the results or publicity, not easy to develop as can be imagined, several customers in the bargain after profit is not much, and out of order problem, the customer and the space quality problems that Li was a headache, this industry can not do


Khan, or continue to engage in the site.

do stand is a static HTML page, or ASP, or PHP? Buy the site of the book under the study, too deep.

with CMS procedures or forum program?

program to build up, but the official template and free templates can not see, or to design a template. So we begin to study the template, engage in a long time to find a point is not the basis of Li decided to give up, with the official


Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

website to enrich a lot of content; there is no access to content, how to do? It is said that SEO is very powerful, so he bought a book, find information, participated in the training. The results found that the content of their stations are all copy, and this industry is no prospect, not as direct SEO do promotion. Then the registration of the union, yes, I heard that SEO do Ali mother also >

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