Raise Google Adsense unit price Click

      the principle that the click rate and Google Adsense price but there is no direct relationship between the factors of a conversion rate of Google in SmartPrice system, and direct hits, and SmartPrice directly affect the advertising price, you can see Google Adsense advertising price and click rate has a certain relationship.

      of course, I never said that the low click rate is high, or the high rate of click on the high price. Only at the right time for the right click to get a good price, although some people confused, but it is really back to things.  

      from the content of the positioning of advertising, 100% of the click rate is the best effect, that is, a display will produce a click. Because the higher the click rate, the more accurate the match, only the current page and the theme is very close to allow visitors to click on it.

      to improve the click through rate of high and low there must be a reference, Google Adsense average click rate of around 0.5%. I’ve seen a lot of hits see also low, of course, more is some Adsense offers data of all sorts of strange things. Usually we only see a certain data and a result of a long time, so those one or two hours a day hits or only a few hundred or thousands of show station hits not much value, because too many accidental factors, a misfortune will not directly affect the results.

      the average number is the most appropriate, it is 0.5%, the hit rate near a normal value, your site will get a normal price, rather than Google Adsense adjusted price. Although there is a high rate of the income of this site is good, and the last mentioned in the same price, there are a lot of factors, is just one click rate, if others are doing well then hits a bit outrageous problem.

      abnormal click rate is divided into two types, one is too high, usually caused by invalid clicks. Adsense advertising will be artificially delayed in easy place, for example, is very close to the download link, or encourage click behavior or other means of cheating, these will not only affect the price and the account is not safe. If your delivery is normal but the click rate is also high as 10% or more, then you also need to consider their own source click, not only value the current income, a high hit rate will affect the very long-term price.

      one is too low, too low click rate is G>

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