Lost Ali mother and GG income grassroots webmaster should do

recently a hot news on the Internet is that Taobao has sealed off the Baidu spider. Taobao does not seal other search engines, a single Baidu, it is obvious that the game between the two Internet giants.

Taobao has a huge customer base, and now Taobao has Ali mother. Taobao does not rely on Baidu every day there is a huge traffic, and how we do these grassroots webmaster?

most grassroots webmaster are put in 2 kinds of advertising, one is GG, this is very popular, and the two is Ali mother. The 2 advertising advantage is the low threshold, of course, good reputation, Baidu search on the lot, but let people know that this search will not bring much revenue, compared with the search click is PPC website is divided into. The theme of Baidu promotion is to ask the ALEXA ranking is less than 50 thousand, the threshold is too high blocking most of the webmaster, so the current maximum amount should be GG and Ali mother

Taobao, GG and Baidu are now regarded as peer friends, Taobao is a high-profile announcement of the closure of Baidu reptiles, Baidu will be how to fight back?


website put Baidu search, GG, and Ali mother advertising, Baidu will take on the Ali Mama or GG advertising webmaster? Whether to drop the Ali Mama advertising website will be right down or even K? Likely ah, according to Baidu’s years of understanding, Baidu has always been don’t lose


if we lost Ali mother and GG advertising revenue, we grassroots webmaster how to do. Grassroots webmaster future and hope slim.

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