Yang Wenjian how do make $10000 a month (seven)

mentioned above, I passed the QQ group IDC ad, and help groups of friends to solve the problem. Basically every day to sell a space, a hundred days of income is no problem. When I prove that this is a feasible way from reality, I apply for a new QQ, plus about 30 QQ group every day, there are generally a dozen QQ through validation. Together with the group, I will mass advertising. Be afraid of T, the QQ group number down, over a few days and then continue to add up, copy the same work every day, you can achieve the same income.

will also encounter a problem in the middle, for example, where to find Adsense QQ group, the home page I am from QQ QQ group search, followed by the webmaster website or forum to collect QQ group, still can find a lot of QQ every day. Perhaps some friends will fear being scolded, T will not go to the mass of information, you need to understand that your group’s goal is to what? Mass information can bring a lot of potential customers, sending money. Of course, you disturb others, was scolded is very normal, do not scold you is not normal. So do not be afraid, if you are afraid of being scolded, it is necessary to see the group information. Generally want to buy space directly through a temporary dialogue to seek your advice, and in general, few people are talking about you through a temporary conversation.

success is successful, if you do not have a successful model to copy others, if you have your own successful models, continue to replicate its success, insist on its own way to go in the end. In the communication with some friends, know that they have already found a successful model, but because of this or that kind of problem, or some setbacks to give up. Or see others succeed, give up their original way not to go. The result is lost watermelon, also did not pick up sesame seeds.

often said that the success of the network can be copied, so we often think of is to copy the success of others, but did not expect to continue to copy their success. Yesterday from big brother said to me, some things do not need to test, to a waste of time. Temptation is fatal to our network. Other people’s success is very successful, very easy to copy, and the actual operation you will find it difficult to resemble you, or worse than you had to operate the project.

is the simplest and most effective success is self replication, one of their own success that they can operate the project. Second, their success shows that the project is feasible in practice. Third, the success of their own that you already have successful experience, and then copy the success of their own that is hundreds of times.

you may be able to operate the project, earn 10 dollars a day. You need to do to think about how to copy 10 copies, so you can earn 100 yuan a day, copy of the 100 will be able to earn a day of 1000 pieces. If you are 10 times more successful, you can earn $10000 a day. According to my friends, the high income is not their project to make money, but they all to copy their projects.


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