What kind of garbage station to do the most profitable

here, of course, is to say that the personal site to make money, after all, non personal nature of the site, you can have a dedicated person in charge of the division’s special duties.

personal website to make money, in fact, there are a lot of people think of a long time to do a dumpster, a lot of garbage to attract traffic to earn advertising fees. But it is undeniable that there are a lot of people despise this kind of garbage station, here, I think it is necessary to classify the garbage station (called garbage classification):

a real garbage station, even I also despise, what is the true garbage station, is you a personal webmaster, learn to do what others Sina Sohu TOM, an integrated portal, if 23 hours a day spent on it, you can maintain a good, content, I approve, but yes, as a personal webmaster, you can spend 20 hours a day on a website? Certainly not so much energy! Finally, widely used data acquisition results, it really became a waste recycling station, what kind of garbage collection. This is the type of site I firmly opposed to do.

the site navigation site, no time, doing their own play, no matter, but directly with site navigation procedures available on a domain name space directly thrown then put advertisement wants to make money, or save it, does not update things, some people will not come, unless you have the local resources. Such as Internet cafes, or software resources, such as something like windows in the system tray, but it will be spurned by the people, although some people may not so hate, but after all, is hijacked. This is not like to do the site type. But I don’t think it’s too hard to apply for an advertising alliance.

three, thief program. Many online everywhere, a problem, and is a very serious problem, the thief procedures are generally use regular expressions to get information, and maintain the thief procedures, it is not easy to say the truth, once the target site changed a little code, you have total paralysis. Moreover, the thief program is not very moral, no one will be in advance and the target station that I want to link your site on the resources and so on, so I despise it, it is impossible to use this program to do garbage station.

fourth, a variety of professional trash, garbage station I will recommend doing this, so that the positioning accuracy, but here we are also facing a problem, what industry garbage station, naturally, to comply with the rules of the game, not reactionary, not pornography industry garbage station is best yourself familiar with the industry, rather than blindly follow what the industry to make money to do what industry. For example, A project has 100 people to do, advertising investment of $100, not necessarily 100 people per person $1, but the B project to do 2 people, advertising investment of $10, not necessarily a person took all 10 yuan. Here, the A project is to see advertisers love, invested so much, but you do have large enterprises real combat? So, they are familiar with the industry’s most competitive, because familiar, know what information people most.

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