On the way out of small and medium sized stationmaster

now gathered in a few stationmaster people often complain that Wangzhuan real hard, almost inaccessible. Especially coming out of University step of the new station, in the field or fought for several years, or that profit from their distant, some people give up, to other areas, some spirit of never give up the spirit of courage had continued.

Different types of

site, the error is also different. Not Wangzhuan owners, many of them into their own mistakes, especially the new people, only to see the Alibaba Ma, see Baidu Robin Li, see outdated refused to swimming fish, see the webmaster network graph king, see Webmaster Station A Fei, see they are Master…, are older, they are all Wangzhuan master, have a certain level, skill is very deep, they have their own unique Juexue, have resorted to Nirvana! They say there are many industry standards, their movements affect the majority of grass root webmaster.

actually want to make one thing very difficult, of course, for successful people is very easy, it is a natural thing. Small and medium-sized website how to come? This time you need to involve observation of the site and grasp of things, as well as their contacts and economic basis etc.. I am also an avid Internet grassroots webmaster, involved in different areas, exposed to every kind of people, some of the ideas of my own writing today, for everyone to share, hope to bring some enlightenment to some friends, find their way to their own ideas as soon as possible.

Wangzhuan is not difficult, there is not a suitable way to find the money you need to, will produce economic effect, want to make money online to see if you can meet the needs of the people, there is no such an ability to provide the corresponding product or service.

before we do stand, hope that the majority of small and medium-sized owners own to make a comprehensive analysis and positioning, to see their own abilities, what hobbies, their own advantages, for a complete analysis of yourself, do not just numb, not easy to get lost, there is a direction do stand when mentality, site development process more documents, so small owners need to have what kind of ability? Here we make a list:

observation: want to make money this is the most basic ability, no ability to observe to Wangzhuan I see


analysis: is the basic ability, do not look at the analysis, all-match is equal to


: network, have the ability to imagine is a virtual thing, no ability to think can’t do anything ah;

this is the three basic ability to do stand, personal recommendations of the 3 basic ability to Wangzhuan webmaster can not consider the exercise again, with these basic skills, our work is more easily carried out. Of course, having these basic abilities doesn’t mean you can make money on the web

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