No flow of new sites did not GG how profitable

I have just finished building a new station, Baidu is not included, only 100IP but also to achieve a little bit of their own profit and I hope to help the novice webmaster.

finished the first thing to do is to stop the search engine, but the submission included too slow, general webmaster forum took the spider way, it worked for Google, but now Baidu did not like what effect. So want to let Baidu as soon as possible on the best content to ensure that the original content of the site to be higher than 50% and updated every day, but also to join the Baidu alliance to speed up the site included, which is very useful ~~~~

Baidu included again after the appropriate promotion is not difficult to do every day 100IP.

how to use this 100IP to make money! We don’t have GG without Baidu theme but we have Baidu union to search box. The use of Baidu search box and find our website related to the contents of the PPC page and replicated address, ads link on our website, click a few cents, but the content is close, click rate is high, the effect is very good IP of the past are effective advertisers is not offensive, Baidu will not say you cheat in order to prevent, the click rate is too high, we can access their own set of pages into their own Baidu union search page, often with a OK.

good to say much about my last AD station for small and medium sized profitable webmaster provide some information and ideas, I wish all the station will eventually earn money changmen


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