Ali mother within three years does not consider profitability, can let the owners make money


group chairman of the board Ma in 2007 "Chinese computer IT NPC and CPPCC" Internet World annual meeting for the first time publicly about the founder of the online advertising trading platform Ali mother’s mind, called for a Thanksgiving year support Taobao and Alibaba in a small site, without considering the profit problem within three years, that year can win in the competition the blockade, give thanks to the countless small site support.

Ma said three years does not consider the profitability of the problem, but in the past three years, whether the owners can make money, the problem will be deeply printed in the small and medium-sized among them, but according to the current situation is probably more difficult. We observe Ali mother, the current relatively low quality advertising everywhere, accounting for 5 of the proportion, it is understood that an ad can sell a minimum of $1. And can be settled at any time. But think carefully, if such advertising to sell for a year, there is no interruption in the middle of the package week advertising, it is estimated that only 48 yuan a year to earn a webmaster. Perhaps many people will ask, do not increase the site traffic? Of course, if calculated on a monthly traffic rose 10 times a year, can only get 2644 yuan, 220 yuan per month, of course, this does not include the cost of space and domain name. Mom in here most advertising is small owners, if the long-term development of this model according to the present situation, combined with the China (national policy), is estimated to have really able to earn money, may have a certain amount of time to run. A little bit more careful webmaster all know, to search the way to open any area in Ali mother, found the real flow of website advertising after all is not much, and large flow site also basically do not have to Ali mother here to sell advertising, advertising on the site itself was on a pin. Many of the ads placed there can not sell, the price is high, Ali mother itself will not be purchased, the price is low, it is proved that the site itself does not flow, less gold, fewer buyers. After all, Taobao advertising in different commodities, the lower the price, people buy more, whereas the higher commodity prices, people buy less, after all, Taobao is similar to the grocery store to pick up a few things cheap. After all, advertising is a virtual value location on the network, the webmaster can make money, also worth to weigh, perhaps Ali mother just to provide such a platform for you (the equivalent of the vegetable market) I am only responsible for the rent, you can sell the tube, you also see vegetables grandma eloquence and sell food is fresh.


Ali’s mother to find a profit model for small sites, and said: "in order to describe Taobao can have today, we can not forget that in the Jinggang Mountains and Yanan to help our fellow but by calculating you will find a lot of mystery, for example: if you are this month advertising costs a total of 1558 yuan, after deducting the mom the technical service fee of 132 yuan, is expected to pre tax real income is 1426 yuan, Ali mother withholding personal income tax 125 yuan, is expected in real after tax income this month is 1301 yuan, You’ll see. the play called technology fee and personal income tax, up to 16%. Why many domestic owners prefer to do GOOG>

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