2005 of eight sites on the die

  behind the beautiful always seem to have a calm sea deep regret, perhaps simmering. The Internet is in rapid development speed of geometric level, Chinese network 2005 would be a leap year, is also the rapid growth of the number of sites of the year, when everything is beautiful and comfortable, countless young Jiyang indulge in network bubble like beautiful dream, I was from the south, and scholar hear extremely harsh discordant voices, so today I will tear these bleeding wounds, let everyone to learn a lesson.

: first against the world’s website (yellow, poison, anti party and Anti China)      

eight die first sites, originally from not dwell on, as long as your site involves the ranks, I believe the website from the death of the day really is not far away, ha ha. Now the Internet has become increasingly standardized, here I advised not to temporary interests, and destroyed the station, "thick road life, do stand."

Second: "copy" to make it on the website.

Third: "antique" website.

Fourth: "follow suit" web site.   

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