GG AD what kind of advertising you put the highest click

official GG BLOG inside a sentence called " " " " good, also is we usually put ads try to put 336*280, 250*250, 728*60 in different sites do 336*280 this ad click rate will be much better. Why click rate is high, I think the most important is the keyword and content matching. Displayed in the focus place in addition, instead of the mouse central place so as to reduce delays, because this is the effect of price, the lower the delay you click on the unit price will be more and more.

I want to put forward now is the point of "GG factors should be the biggest hits," why do you say that, because I have a few websites advertising when the 336*280 click rate is only about 1.8%, and when I put the 468*15 link advertisement click rate reached about 10%.

why click rate will rise so much? The most important is the matching problem, do not know how GG, or ordinary users do GG ADWORDS don’t pay much attention to link ads, and my few stations when the 336*280, the competition is not advertising related advertising such as what exam what dating also, I may be no patience click rate is so low, I tried to throw down the GG link advertising, this kind of advertising form or not, the matching speed is very fast, no matter you stand for long, as long as the GG collection, GG display advertising is definitely very suitable for you this page ads, click the rate of rapid link with the advertisement in the page is very similar to the case, but it’s not easy to produce this kind of advertising I think late.

do you want a high price? There is a small trick below I tell you, maybe a lot of people know it. Is a small industry such as web sites such

site customers put the GGAD is a high day, before I help the customer to do the ball site in order to improve the site’s user experience it specifically added a GG link advertising. Although not much traffic every day only 50 IP or so, but even click on 4-5, you want to earn a few cents? To tell you the truth I made today 0.46$is probably the price per click in 0.1$, if we have the enterprise website it does not prevent with customers to increase the user experience with several GGAD is good he can earn a few cents. Too many words do not have to say, to rely on their own experience. More things you have to do it yourself or you see nothing. The station consists of / feeds.

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