10 Y Combinator incubator project is a very promising but failed project

Y Combinator can be called the incubator of the boss, it has invested hundreds of entrepreneurial projects, many have been successful, such as Reddit, Dropbox, Airbnb, Wufoo and so on, but also some looks very promising, but later failed.

1, Flagr

Flagr is the most promising Y Combinator incubator project in the second batch of projects, this is a LBS project (when the concept was just emerging), you can place the video, photos and descriptions of embedded map, so that your friends will know you’ve been to these places, but it is for you those who have not been to these places and friends have what meaning? Perhaps Flagr is the lack of social elements, so that people can find some new interesting places and invite their friends to. At the same time, there is no way to organize these places so that people can choose where they want to go. Foursquare did a good job in these areas.

2, YouOS

this is another of the second installment of the project. YouOS is a personal operating system focused on developers, the goal is to create a desktop environment in the browser, so that different developers can work in a desktop environment, manage files and collaboration.

similar projects, G.ho.st and DesktopTwo have failed, eyeOS development is good, which may benefit from its open source characteristics. The biggest reason for the failure of such companies is the rise of Google Docs, providing free cloud services based on multi platform.

3, Memamp

Memamp is the first batch of incubation project is relatively short-lived, the founder of the project to participate in the incubation of YC has done a year ago desktop search solutions related aspects of the work. But very unfortunately that summer when the project began hatching when the two giants entered the field, Apple announced that they will be in the next version of OS integrated Sportlight, Google also released its own desktop search, so Memamp in the end of the incubation before they announced the death of the.

4, Thinkature

Thinkature is a free, easy to use and simple online collaboration tools, users can create and modify and team members in real time through the browser Liuhe brainstorming, problem discussion and documentation. This collaboration between work team members in different locations has become simple and feasible, so it is a project that looks good but why later failed? Software should be easy to use, but users have different needs, they hope the team can really make up for this association, in a >

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