Do a little entertainment experience entertainment website

do a picture of a time station movie station, please note that I did not earn much money, his stand is relatively bad, but summed up the practical experience to make more money with the least IP, willing to share.

movie station and image station probably belong to the garbage station, but the garbage station also has the IP quality problem of the garbage station, if you Baidu to flow is high quality IP, if less, is low quality IP.

talk about the high quality IP earned before the method

High quality

IP do not put too much advertising, I believe we still to make movies registered advertising money, in my experience, the station put 1 Flow Union (preferably in the lower right corner on the next move, there are a lot of people, can not say who is the best) other pages including antithetical couplet, and on the whole movie advertising registration, including the classification of rotten classification put a free movie, so the whole movie registered. Can be appropriate to add 1 clicks advertising alliance. Advertising does not ask for more, to concentrate on the film registration. This movie registration and click the effect is very good.

say low quality IP

low quality IP is best to put 3 traffic Union, including the right lower foot of the flow of the upper and lower 1 leagues, including up and down and then put the flow of the union to the 2, so that the flow Union and traffic alliance to get IP.


how to make money? The method is very simple, is to put in place as far as possible, are put on the advertising, what movie register (click on the pull, inconspicuous place can be, should be even more not too many registered) free registration, as long as you can put Fang Quanfang on. Float must put. A general is a poetic couplet, floating, on N, and other place, together to achieve the purpose is to let visitors see where where advertising content, advertising and general content page on the 1 screen flow alliance. You need to know that you do not need a fixed flow of garbage customers, as long as he came up with an ad you have to complete the task.

high quality IP can also do so, but the movie registration will be greatly reduced. Unfortunately, such a high quality IP.

in a concept, no ad N, then fine, do not do well and not much, not to earn what chicken ribs, money.

well, I wrote this, I was a rookie, he did not stand too much traffic, but also know that a little, please do not add me, I am too food. Today I get more than 3 hours of the site can not access, or find someone else to solve the. Knowledge has no limit. ah. I am small

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