One of the six major strategies of website promotion

Although the search engine promotion is only a small part of the network marketing, but it is the most effective means of network marketing. To spend money to do the ranking in the portal site, everyone can do, as long as the money, but there are a lot of good ranking is not to spend money to buy, many personal site economic conditions are not allowed, so how to make use of the principle of the website itself resources and search engine, it is particularly urgent and necessary.The design of

a maximum of not more than 25.Optimization of

2 page label

in addition to the title, many search engines will be search engine to your label, the label is a comprehensive description of the text, it mainly describes the main keywords, "used in the phrase, if your site keywords frequency is not enough, you can label design, appropriate to his high repetition keywords frequency, increase the chance of your web site search engine search.Navigation design reasonable

4 for some very important keywords specializes in several pages

because a page containing the keyword is limited, Google allows 1.5 to 2 words about 100 words, this is google.

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