How to make garbage can earn money

may use garbage station to name websites some mistakes, what is rubbish? Dictionary explained as follows: dirt or throw away the rubbish. The value of things that have lost their value or have adverse effects: spam, removal of social waste. But we’re talking about the garbage sites and what? I think so: one is the website of the unhealthy; two is to rely on the collection site; three is not update the site; four there is no traffic conversion website, five is not profitable project website. I will analyze. Any similarity is purely coincidental.

unhealthy sites do not have to say, can not see the light, a national policy to suppress, you only have to close the station, do not have to bring a double watch, live in the iron house. The owners don’t take advantage of loopholes of law, what servers abroad, every day for the country to engage your domain name, is not easy to


on the collection site, I think many webmaster feel right, Baidu depilates why? If the network contents are all the same, it is also worth seeing? So now we are engaged in the original, pseudo original. Suggest that this kind of webmaster activities wrist, hyperactivity point of mind, write it yourself, if there is a member, you can encourage or reward members to contribute. Would you say that your writing is poor, then you will see more people write, write and then according to their own understanding of it, often write naturally inspiration.

does not update the site, sooner or later to close. Maybe your content to attract a lot of visitors, they will even put your favorites, but the next time I visit content did not change when the next still so they will come to visit? The other search engine is a special visitor, if you don’t update, he did not visit you, no traffic, do not shut down what? The webmaster every day 2 hours under the management of their own web sites.

has no traffic conversion website, a simple example: your web traffic is more than 50 thousand every day, do advertising alliance can get 100 yuan, and my website science education network wave a daily flow of about 3000, but received several business phone, a phone call at least $100, what does this mean? There are gifts website, every day dozens of IP, but there are also a few phone, maybe a phone you earn enough in January. Suggest that you do not flow in order to flow, the alliance is unreliable, why not consider their own website marketing?

there is no profit project site, this is my personal opinion. If you do not flow, then it is equivalent to the dead site. Most of the flow of traffic to do the site from the search engine, if you can not retain these visitors, or cash, then it will not make any money. Suggest that you consider the flow rate of the site conversion.

recently there are a lot of webmasters and I QQ exchange experience, it is an honor, as well as individual webmaster to model I stand, in the forum asking people to imitate procedures, in fact, there is no

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