Google Adsense can not change the fate of the site

Adsense can not change the fate of the site, why do I say that? First of all, Adsense positioning for small and medium sites. Most rely on the Adsense website is the station to eat. The number of the single station traffic is small, but add up to very large. Prior to the launch of Adsense Google, no one company can effectively use this resource. Because these sites are different themes, messy content and small flow can not support the confidence of advertisers. At this time, only Google with technical strength and innovative spirit of its strong launch of the Adsense, and can effectively solve the above problems. It should be noted that the location of Adsense is small and medium sites, although we see NetEase also put Adsense, but always appear in the bottom of the article, NetEase in a three stream of the location of the worship of the buddha.

although rumors of several classic Adsense build up the family fortunes case, but can not copy. So, if you have a very good website, so need not hanging in a tree on the Adsense. For example, the collection of membership fees (dating sites), providing charging services (enrollment, training), etc.. What we need is a way of thinking, a dare to abandon the Adsense site is a promising site. Of course, if you just want to use Adsense to earn pocket money, then there is no what to say. However, this pocket money is not easy to get, I believe that people who have put Adsense ads have this feeling.

in short, it seems to me that any website that provides valuable information can be found in other ways. Adsense is just one of many options. To see so many webmaster of Adsense worship, I also see to Chinese personal website in the next few years. The future is a game controlled by others, we have chosen an uncertain tomorrow.

personal feeling, please paizhuan.

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