What is the anchor text and hyperlinks and text links

on the link anchor text and URL difference before, first say what is the anchor text.

anchor text belongs to a hyperlink, because whether it is clickable text or click on the link, are all hyperlinks. In a broad range, click on the picture, mail and so on are all hyperlinks, but in the chain of this range, only the clickable text or web site called hyperlinks. A hyperlink can use target= "_blank" strong, changes its appearance, color, open etc..

and hyperlink hyperlink to text links can improve the probability to attract spider crawling, will increase the weight of the target site, and retains the possibility of filtering small, not easy to be deleted the benefits of greater than the possibility of some text links.

anchor text, links, text links these three links, their role is to improve the site weight and ranking, but because of its different forms, or the effect is not the same, following the stainless steel pipe fitting for example, give details form a respective.

concluded: Although the effect of anchor text, hyperlinks and text links to three forms of the chain have differences, but here to remind a man, in the release process, three kinds of links as much as possible should be released, must not only release a, because the chain should pay attention to diversity, only in the Internet, many different sites (of course related industry best) and various different forms of praise you, your site will become a leader in the web site.

next, about the chain effect of the three links.

the text links to start, the main effect is the text links can improve the site’s weight in Shanghai Chinese love this link is called correlation domain (using the domain instruction, while the search) has proved as text links can attract the spider crawling, but the effect is far from the hyperlink and anchor text effect. Text links there is a benefit, is released on the website filtering may be low, relatively easy to be deleted.

what is the anchor text, hyperlinks and text links? Any chain personnel must come into contact with the anchor text, hyperlinks, the three concepts of text links, if you observe carefully you will find the same and different points of the three.

anchor text, the most effective form of links in the chain, its main effect is: three, increase weight, attract spider to improve the keywords ranking, of course also includes guide visitors (click hyperlink also has this effect). The anchor text, than the above two links are more than a very effect: Shanghai dragon need to improve the keywords ranking. If the release of the site is A, the link to the target site is B, and the anchor text in the text is "Shanghai dragon", then the hyperlink is A B is a good web site, so the anchor text is said A B is a good site in Shanghai Longfeng area.

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